Topsail Insurance have been providing specialist marine insurance products, including boat insurance, yacht insurance and Yachtsman’s Travel Insurance since 1996 in the UK. In 2015, Topsail brought their experience and expertise to Australia by opening their first office in Perth, and have recently expanded to Sydney.

Boat Insurance

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Topsail have grown rapidly in Australia and are quickly becoming a favourite, with the highest ranking on many sites for all things boating.

  • Topsail Insurance offer Agreed Value cover on Yacht, Catamaran and Power Boat Insurance for coastal and blue water international cruising.
  • Competitive rates on long distance road transportation cover, for when boats are being hauled around Australia.
  • We are able to offer contents cover for clients that are living long term on their vessel.
  • $10m Third Party Liability as standard in Australian waters.
  • A No Claim Bonus is offered for every year of no claims up to 25%.
  • Optional Protected No Claims Bonus on offer to approved clients.
  • Optional zero excess for approved clients.
  • Talk with experienced sailors that have an understanding of what you need from your insurer.

Yachtsman’s Travel Insurance 

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Our Yachtsman’s travel insurance policies work just like a regular travel policy, but also extend to provide cover for your sailing holidays and trips, whether they are around the Australian coast or international and across oceans. Full cover operates under all sections while you are at sea, including medical, cancellation, and personal accident.

We can also offer long term travel insurance for those sailing on extended voyages, can cater for seniors with a high age limit of up to 79, and deal with pre-existing medical conditions on a case-by-case basis, meaning no automatic rejection.

So if you’re asking yourself ‘what travel insurance should I get?’, then before you compare travel insurance with other insurers get a quote online with Topsail Insurance.

  • No policy restrictions while sailing or power-boating
  • Ideal for Long-term cruisers – offering offshore, international cover with maximum trip durations exceeding 12 months
  • Inshore Racing – covering you as standard
  • All-in-one – to be used for boating and non-boating trips
  • Single or multi-trip – suitable policies and premiums available if you are going on one trip, or take regular trips
  • Competitive premiums – when compared against other travel insurance providers
  • Groups & families – include your friends & family under the same policy for simplicity.

We recommend you read and fully understand the terms and conditions set out in the Topsail Insurance policy wording and Product Disclosure Statement prior to purchasing this product.

This information may be obtained by phoning +61 8 6102 8861.

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